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An Engineer by Brains and a Leader by Heart

I am a seasoned tech leader with a strong focus on cultivating high-performing cultures within engineering organizations. With a background in software engineering, I bring a unique perspective to my leadership role. Over the past 20+ years, I have successfully started, grown, and scaled IT businesses, building and leading global teams along the way. I am particularly passionate about building high performance product development teams from the ground up based on servant leadership and values such as trust, autonomy an ownership.

Named Top 10 IT Managers in Poland in 2022  I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences as a conference and meetup speaker, leadership mentor, and trainer.


I think that without a piece of luck my hard work and devotion to growth would be insufficient to become successful. I had no mentor at a time, no one who’s been there and done that. I had to open these doors myself. I truly believe in giving back: this is why I lead postgraduate workshops in a top technical university in Poland, volunteer my time as a mentor for women in tech,  advise startups at Google Launchpad, help find a job.


And this is why I want to help You.

I can help YOU with two things

I will make your CV and/or LinkedIn shine and standout from the rest of candidates for your next dream job. Personalized coaching sessions focus on building your confidence, enhancing your communication skills, and preparing you for common interview question in order to develop effective strategies tailored to your unique strengths and goals. Once you are fully prepared, I will guide you through the entire hiring process, offering invaluable insights and advice to help you secure the job you desire.

- OR -

I can elevate you in your current workplace.

We can either work short-time on a specific case or long-term aiming prepping you for your next big role. 


Executive leadership mentoring
Connecting the dots
Nailing down an interview

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